Note this is a video recording of an online meeting conducted using the platform. Inevitably such recordings suffer a little in terms of their production values because of the internet connectivity and quality of webcams. Despite that, they allow us to provide additional valuable insights in to the MedComms business and we can involve a wider range of speakers who can participate from the comfort of their own desks, wherever in the world they are.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is not new. Debates have been had for some time about, for instance, the possibilities to replace medical writers! Is it so difficult to imagine? Maybe. Maybe not.

ChatGPT is a new chatbot launched by OpenAI in November 2022 that has created a huge amount of interest. It answers questions and writes articles with apparent ease. And does so stunningly fast. Try it and you may be startled by what you get back. However, it’s also been shown to produce some quite daft results! So just how accurate is it, or could it be? What are the source materials? How ‘good’ is the writing? Is it a tool that supports a human writer or will it – might it – replace them? Will it matter to the reader? What unintended consequences might crop up?

In this webinar we are joined by Martin Delahunty (Inspiring STEM Consulting), Katja Martin (medtextpert), Stephen Mott (PharmAdvisor) and Avishek Pal (Novartis) for an informal discussion about the possible implementations within and around MedComms. None are experts in AI, but all have played with ChatGPT and are thinking about the impact on the work we do.

It should be of interest to anyone who is working in and around MedComms, or who is wanting to join the business.

Recorded 19 January 2023 as a MedComms Networking webinar. Produced by

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Some further information (IMPORTANT note there is so much out there and developments are coming so fast, this can only be a tiny taste)

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