Be clear about the different types of dash

Using abbreviations and acronyms

Using i.e. and e.g.

Writing numbers

Account Management Skills: A tool for account managers to strengthen client relationships

Account Management Skills: How creative agency leaders can help their account managers

Make your writing look readable

Use parallelism to simplify lists and make them more memorable

If one word can replace two or more words, then just use one word!

FirstMedCommsJob: The Allegro training programme in practice

The serial (‘Oxford’) comma

Which or that?

Avoid using too many subordinate clauses

FirstMedCommsJob: So, you want to work in account management?

FirstMedCommsJob: Working at inScience Communications

SAGE Publishing: Portfolio and services for medcomms

BMJ: Portfolio and services for medcomms

Taylor and Francis: Portfolio and services for medcomms