Note this is a video recording of an online meeting conducted using the platform. Inevitably such recordings suffer a little in terms of their production values because of the internet connectivity and quality of webcams. Despite that, they allow us to provide additional valuable insights in to the MedComms business and we can involve a wider range of speakers who can participate from the comfort of their own desks, wherever in the world they are.

Expert-led podcasts summarising the latest clinical data and expert opinion, including discussions of data presented at scientific congresses, have been published by journals as peer-reviewed, citable publications. They have also been published as part of IME (independent medical education) programmes. But is it possible to create these podcasts in plain language, with both patient and healthcare professional authors? If we are trying to educate a broad audience of stakeholders (from lay audiences to highly specialised clinicians) with scientific content, can patients be podcast authors and create content with maximum impact? The answer to these key questions is yes!

Join Caroline Halford from Springer Healthcare, Niamh Clarke from Adis, and Catherine Elliott and Simon Stones from Envision Pharma Group to hear about their experience of creating plain language podcasts and the potential for using these types of initiative to make scientific information more impactful, and more accessible to a wider audience.

And we answer questions from the audience.

It should be of interest to anyone who is working in and around MedComms, publications, medical education, or has an interest in patient engagement.

Recorded 09 November 2022 as a MedComms Networking webinar. Produced by

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