Note this is a video recording of an online meeting conducted using the platform. Inevitably such recordings suffer a little in terms of their production values because of the internet connectivity and quality of webcams. Despite that, they allow us to provide additional valuable insights in to the MedComms business and we can involve a wider range of speakers who can participate from the comfort of their own desks, wherever in the world they are.

This is one of seven segments from the full recording of the MedComms Forum that was held on 16 December 2020, “Better Homeworking in MedComms”.

The ongoing pandemic and move to homeworking has been a challenge for companies and staff. The recent MedComms survey of 758 respondents (presented 17 June 2020) suggested that while many employees welcomed the change, others struggled with isolation, lack of support and strained finances. During the first half of our educational forum we explore the contradictions of homeworking and seek the experiences of a range of stakeholders. The second part of our programme looks at how we can improve homeworking. Issues addressed include room ergonomics, health and safety, good mental health, finances, human resources and contracts, mutual support, maintaining company ethos and socialising on line. The programme was organised by Tim Hardman (Niche Science and Technology) and Steven Walker (St Gilesmedical London and Berlin). Our presenters were Rebecca Douglas (Ashfield), Rob Davies (Havas SO), Christian Hambly (FreelanceGeek), Susie Marriott (Prime Global), Dr Christine Oesterling MD MRCGP, Karina Rudzinska (Lucid), Iain Smith (Network for Skills) and May Vaja (Prime Global).

In this segment, Tim Hardman (Niche Science and Technology) reflects on the analysis of data collected in June from our survey, “COVID-19: Challenges of home-working, a survey to inform working practice in MedComms”. And Rob Davies (Havas SO) shares his thoughts on the results and his own experiences of working at home.

It should be of interest to anyone working in and around MedComms.

Recorded 16 December 2020 as a MedComms Forum. Produced by

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Note: the results from the survey, COVID-19: Challenges of home-working, a survey to inform working practice in MedComms were presented on 17 June at a #MedComms Webinar The recording is at

The full recording of the #MedComms Forum held on 16 December, “Better Homeworking in MedComms”, can be viewed at

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